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Chloe Cahill NBC
"Chloe is an extraordinarily-talented and extremely pleasant person to work with and be around. I am highly looking forward to spending more time in the studio with Chloe in the future."  - Dan Millice Engine Room Audio 

Dan Millice

Mastering Engineer Engine Room Audio

Worthy of every honorific you can come up with...
Chloe Cahill exhibiting shades of Bernadette Peters...

Broadway World

"Chloe Cahill has a heart of gold with bad ass pipes that can bring the house down or move them to tears depending on her objective. Chloe is committed with a work ethic that is unlike anyone else you have ever met. She is a true professional that can be relied on personally and professionally.- Tapping Barrels Entertainment

Tapping Barrels Entertainment

"I have the honor of working with a very talented actress and singer on my first feature film production and her name is Chloe Cahill. Chloe has the talent, beauty and most importantly, the right attitude for great success. I have no doubt that she will have continued success and anyone choosing to work with Chloe will have made an excellent decision in choosing her."-
L. Anderson
CEO Volume Entertainment
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